Gernot & Heike Heinrich, Burgenland

Organic Red (Natural Wine), 2014


750 ml

Varietals: Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt & St. Laurent

Tasting Notes:

Alluring red fruitiness over subtle background of herbal spice is the cheerful invitation to taste, smell; sense. Rather than a power pack, this is much more an encounter with a dapper bon vivant that feels at one with himself and his environment. Soft silky, tightly woven tannin provides a well-structured spine and persistent tension on the palate. Thanks to the cool 2014 vintage, the fruit-laden aroma splendor that unfolds is simultaneously refreshed with vibrant acidity and the pleasant bite of a freshly picked blood orange. Sophisticated simplicity; simply sophisticated.


The “red” is sourced from both sides of the Neusiedler See (Lake Neusiedl). On the west side, vines are rooted in the limestone and schist of the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountains) slopes – on the east side of the lake grapes in the gravelly of the Parndorfer Platte (Parndorfer Plain) and humus-rich Heideboden.

Handpicked mid-September to the beginning of October, spontaneous fermentation, two weeks maceration on the skins in wooden fermentation vat and steel tank, matured for over a year in wood cask.

Residual Sugar: 1 g/l

Acidity: 6 g/l