Gernot & Heike Heinrich, Burgenland

Neuburger Freyheit (Natural Wine), 2014


750 ml

Varietals: Neuburger

Region: Burgenland

Tasting notes:
With seeds and stems. Have no fear of fruit pulp and skin contact, minimal sulphur addition and plenty of yeast. Grapefruit, flower power, a heap of rocks and a handful of herbs. This wine certainly does not lack aroma or flavour, especially with the touch of saltiness that glides over the palate, yet the Neuburger allows itself the Freyheit (freedom) of revealing this successively in discreet layers. Patience and aeration are rewarded. Harmonious acidity and a delicate texture dance light-footedly over a taut spine. Bottled directly from the barrel to preserve the natural freshness and vitality as well as the charming tannins.

Furore & RotWeissrot: 16.5 Points