Domaine Philippe Goulley, Burgundy

Chablis, 2018


750 ml

Varietal: Chardonnay

Kimmeridgian (Argilo – Calcaire)

left bank of the river called “Serein”. East or south facing.
Altitude medium-size: between 130 and 190 m.
Aspect on the frozen springs: middle important. Mix of four plots.

Density of plantation: 5700 feet per hectare.
Cut: double Guyot
Maximum yield: 60 hectolitres per hectare.
Upkeep of the grounds by ploughing and digging.
Organic culture only.

Cuttings in September.
Inflatable press, filling by gravity.
Thermoregulation of the vats in inox.
Farmed on thin dregs.
Combined using bentonite.
Lightly filtered on argile. No animal products.
Bottled on march.

Yellow appearance with green sheens.
Open nose with exotic fruits’ notes.
In the mouth, nice sharp attack marked by the light minerality.
Persistence with almond’s notes.

Good to serve in between 3 and 7 years with fish or white meat or with the famous “jambon au Chablis” or in summer with a barbecue.