Wittmann, Rheinhessen


Philipp Wittmann

Germany's Best Eco-Riesling

The quality of Philipp Wittmann’s wines has helped raise the profile of the Rheinhessen, the region where his family estate began in 1663. Wittmann had used organic viticulture for over fifteen years and started farming biodynamically farming in 2003, meaning their soil will remain pure for the coming generations. He feels that “only old vines can give the true mineral character and low yields necessary to make great wines”. Favoring a drier, trocken style, Wittmann prefers wines “with more minerality than fruit. Riesling is a grape that should show elegance”. There is intensive vineyard care during the year, low yields and rigorous hand selection of grapes. The slow fermentations sometimes continue well into the following year. Like well-made Burgundies, Wittmann’s wines show great terroir transparency. With aromatic, round fruit supported by snappy acidity, all Wittmann wines have dazzling balance and length, especially the drier styles.