Vietti, Piedmont


Luca Currado

Fabulous Wines

Luca Currado is unquestionably one of stars of the Barolo region, producing coveted single cru Barolos as well as outstanding Barbarescos, Barberas and even a fabulous everyday Dolcetto. The Vietti winery is based in the small medieval village of Castiglione Falletto, the heart of Piedmont’s famous Langhe wine region.

The legacy began four generations ago. Today, Luca Currado leads the Vietti estate and employs a unique combination of modern and traditional winemaking. His focus on the terroir is reflected in his careful cultivation and organic farming of more than 25 single vineyards. Luca took immense care in every step and procedure from vine to bottle, allowing the wines to express themselves, their history, pedigree and terroir. He truly believes that a great wine is 80% terroir, 10% passion and dedication from the winemaker and 10% luck. He recently eliminated the use of equipments that measure acid and tannin levels in favor of a more intuitive, and wine-specific approach, and stopped publishing tasting notes, preferring that wine critics and drinkers apply their own perceptions and preferences to his wines. Luca Currado’s dedication and interest in exploring new techniques has rightfully made his Barolos of dark beauty darlings among wine connoisseurs all over the world.