Terroir al Limit, Priorat


Dominik Huber

No Limits

Priorat is regarded as one of the great winemaking regions of Spain. The famous slate and quartzite soil defines this mountainous region of Catalonia and gives the wines a unique flavor profile. Terroir al Limit is a true garage wine project In Priorat focusing on the old vines around the village of Torroja. The philosophy of the estate is to capture the character of the terroir by minimizing the effect of winemaking and processing. The vines are farmed biodynamically although they are not certified. South African Eben Sadie of Sadie Family winery and German Dominik Huber are the names behind this outstanding tiny winery in the village of Torroja. They both arrived in Priorat and were captivated by the place. Sadie returned to his homeland, but Huber never did. Motivated by food and gastronomy, he gets ripe grapes without very high alcohol, with all the wines below 14% alcohol.

He has developed some very strong ideas, starting with the 2010 vintage, with much more elegance, less wood. He reckons hydric stress is responsible for many of the harsh tannins that you find in many reds. There will be new wines offered in the future, a whole new line of wines, with more whites and light wines. Vintage 2012 is a really breathtaking collection of wines here, both whites and reds. Terroir al Limit is one of the names that are defining the Priorats of the 21st century. Unfortunately the wines are produced in very small quantities.