Strandveld Vineyards, Elim


Conrad Vlok

Wines with Strong Personality

After the Portuguese Navigator and Explorer Bartholomeu Dias embarked on his epic voyage of discovery found a sea route to the East via the Cape of Good Hope in 1488, he set foot on shore at Cape Agulhas the southernmost tip of Africa. When he climbed a low hill 260 meters high, looking down towards the sea, his eye has fallen on the land which is today the home of Strandveld Vineyards.

Inspired by the maps of the 15th Century mariners, Nick Diemont decided to make wine here. He bought the farm Blomfontein in 2002 to start a new vineyard and wine project. He converted 42 hectares of the former sheep and wheat farm to establish magnificent vineyards. Today the farm is known as Strandveld Vineyards and Nick Diemont named his wines ‘First Sighting’ in honor of Bartholomeu Dias. Conrad Vlok is the winemaker. He is an unpretentious, hospitable man. His eyes twinkle with enthusiasm as he cracks oysters, braise fresh kabeljou, sits on his whale chair and talks about his wines: “First Sighting Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir is wine for drinking and enjoying. True to its coastal origins, you will find that slow ripening has yielded generous flavors. Decisions in the vineyards and in the cellar are all with one idea in mind; creating a versatile wine that will drink well on its own and will also be the perfect accompaniment to the type of food we tend to eat every day or for special occasions”.