Poliziano, Tuscany


Frederico Carletti

How Does a Wine Become Noble?

The inviting landscape and vineyards of the Toscana has for long been a magnet for the "Nobili", Italy's royal families. They have always treated themselves to the good food and wine of this famed region. The best wines from Montepulciano has been reserved for them, hence the name "Vino Nobile". Today, the royalties have disappeared, but the name still stands for the wines, which have gone through a minimum bottle ageing of two years. The remaining bottles are sold as Rosso di Montepulciano.

The Poliziano winery, belonging to Federico Carletti, is young in comparison to the history of the DOCG. The patricians of neighboring Chiusi often retreated to the "Castello Politiano", located on a 600m hill, during the middle ages. Despite their young history, the estate has catapulted themselves to one of the top three producers of the region while still offering the wines at reasonable prices. The estate has its own vine nursery to assure the best quality and consults with Carlo Ferrini to bring out wines with a firm tannin structure. At a young age, the wines appear tight and herbaceous, only to evolve into a complex offering later.