Odfjell Vineyards, Santiago


Laurence Odfjell

A Norwegian Shows His Flags

The beginning of the Odfjell Vineyards took place over 25 years ago when the pioneering Norwegian ship owner, Dan Odfjell, discovered and fell in love with the beautiful scenery of Chile. The Maipo Valley where Dan settled happens to be the premier red wine-producing valley where a cool coastal breeze creates a microclimate that is perfect for producing distinctive and beautiful wines. Odfjell strives to make wines that truly represent the essence of their vineyards. They are particularly careful with their low yield vineyards, which are handled with individual care. They handpick the grapes bringing the fruit to the cellar as intact as possible.

Today they have 85 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenère, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Malbec planted in the Maipo Valley. They have also acquired vineyards in Cauquenes and Curico with old vines of Carignan and Malbec where they practice organic farming. Being a leader in progressive vineyard management is important to Odfjell Vineyards. They wish to elevate the image and practice of viticulture in Chile and their objective is to produce the best possible wines in the vineyards while maintaining their commitment to sustainable agriculture and "green" winemaking practices. In accordance with their goals of "green" winemaking, and is now certified by DEMETER as biodynamic vineyards.

Odfjell Vineyards implements a unique gravity flow winery, designed by Laurence Odfjell, Dan’s son that allows for extremely gentle handling of the grapes and the fine wines. In order to achieve the necessary slope of the winery, the winery is situated on a hill above the vineyards. It is carved into the slope, and over 60% of the winery is under ground. Their unique winery ensures that during the winemaking process, pumping is reduced to an absolute minimum, thus avoiding unnecessary agitation of the wine. This gentle handling allows Odfjell Vineyards to preserve all the subtle fruit characteristics from their vineyards to the final bottle.