Jürg Saxer, Zürich


Jürg & Nadine Saxer

Great Swiss Wines with Unique Personality

Jürg Saxer took over this vineyard in Bruppach-Neftenbach near the city of Zürich in 1974. In the early 90s he built a new wine cellar and a new house for the Saxer family. His Philosophy is that great wines come from the vineyards, from their unique soil and climate. Combining traditional methods of winemaking with new technology, Jürg Saxer and his daughter Nadine have a great passion and a dream to make unique wines with strong personality from the main grape varieties in this area, Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) and Sauvignon Blanc. They push to use the great potential of these grapes in the best possible way and to create great wines with unique character. If you taste these wines, you will agree that they have achieved this already.