Enate, Somontano


Jesus Artajona

Believing in Jesus

Where should one start when telling the tale about the phenomenal estate Enate, located near the Pyrenées in the up and coming Somontano DO? First, there was Jesus Sese, vineyard manager, who was seeking higher callings for his extremely healthy grapes (formerly sold to cooperatives). Then, came along the dream of a businessman from Madrid, who believed he could make a world-class wine. Thus, the current bodega was established in 1992. The concept is simple: harvest grapes of the highest quality, a modern winery and a cellar, and commission Spain's most talented artists for the wine's labels. In charge of winemaking, is no other than the perfectionist Jesus Artajona, who has learned his trade in Margaux, at the Château bearing the same name. What is the result? An impeccable red wine with a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; a wine that garnered several awards in Spain upon its first release. Dense and rich in red fruit, this is a very fine wine. Those who have tasted the Crianza or the Reserva, know that Jesus' sensible use of Barrique is reliving Spanish wine history.