Elisabetta Foradori, Trentino


Elisabetta Foradori

Pure Seduction

Elisabetta Foradori has become one of Italy’s top ‘superstar’ winemakers. Without a doubt, she is Italy’s finest producer of organic wines made from the Teroldego grape variety, one of the country’s oldest and finest traditional grapes. The Teroldego grape is genetically related to Syrah, and here in the northern Trentino’s mountain valleys it reaches its zenith in the subzone known as Campo Rotaliano. All the Foradori vineyards lie in the side valley of Campo Rotaliano, and it is from these beautiful vineyards that Elisabetta Foradori is quietly producing some of Italy’s most complex, deep and compelling red wines. The estates vines are farmed biodynamically. Teroldego may not have the same international cachet as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, but the Foradori wines are stunning examples of world class red wines. Elisabetta’s most famous wine is her Granato. Robert Parker wrote about this wine: “Once again I was blown away by Elisabetta Foradori’s Granato. Why is she the only producer in Trentino capable of making a wine like this? The Granato further establishes Elisabetta Foradori as one of Italy’s premier winemakers. This is a stunning red from start to finish.”