Domaine Philippe Goulley, Burgundy


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Philippe Goulley

Pure Chablis

In 1986 Philippe Goulley's father asked him to come and work with him on the family vineyard as he had only a few years left till retirement. The first four years Philippe worked part-time in the vineyard, and in 1991 decided to relocate to Chablis and become a full time wine producer. The Chablis vineyards are located in the most northern part of the Bourgogne wine region and were established towards the end of the 9th century by the monks from the Pontigny Abby. In those days the Chablis made a good mass wine. In those early years Philippe was amazed that in a business where so much value is attached to the soil, it is treated so badly. He felt that all the chemical herbicides and pesticides his father used were just ruining the soil. So he started looking for methods that would keep the soil healthy and alive. He soon discovered organic farming was the answer. The conversion to organic farming started in 1991 with the planting of vines on parcels of the vineyard with the qualification Petit Chablis. In the following years the organic farming was extended to parcels with the qualification Chablis et Chablis Premier Cru. Philippe Goulley's priority is to produce quality wines while paying the upmost respect to the environment. An important principal of organic farming is to rotate the crops to keep the soil well balanced. This principal is difficult to uphold in viticulture as vines are grown for years. By regularly working on the soil and planting herbs that are not damaging for the vines, Goulley keeps his soil healthy and well balanced. Philippe employs spontaneous fermentation, uses only very small doses of sulfites, and does not use any animal products in the creation of his wines. Domaine Philippe Goulley is also a member of BioBourgogne, a group of like-minded organic farmers and producers within the region of Burgundy.

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