Domaine Pinchinat, Provence


Alain de Welle

Authentic Wines

Alain de Welle is a nice, peaceful man. As the owner and manager of Pinchinat, it’s his vision that is expressed in each glass of his wine that is served these days. Although his family has farmed this vineyard for over two centuries in 1753 and the land farmed dates back to pre-history, his father broke from tradition and raised him in the nearby city of Aix-en-Provence. Alain returned to the traditions his grandfather intended; to make honest, modest wines that speak the truth without trying to “blow you away”. As a bonus, he ages his excellent hearty reds until they are ready-to-drink, without using barrels, only stainless or concrete, so there is no oak present; just the fruit.

Alain’s vineyards are certified organic in France. Only the smallest amounts of sulfites are added to the wines, which he guarantees no headaches. As for Venus? The wines are names after the Vénus de Pinchinat, a statue found on his property over 200 years ago. Vénus now lives in the museum in Avignon.