Dei Principi di Spadafora, Sicily


Francesco Spadafora

Sicily is an island situated off the south west coast of Italy and has a history of wine production stretching back over 4000 years. The climate and the rocky soil make it ideal for growing grapes on the island's sloping hillsides. Until recently, Sicilian wines have been somewhat overlooked by wine lovers and international markets alike. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest, and Sicilian wine production has been likened to that of California's Napa valley. Unlike many of the New World wines that come to market, Sicily takes pride in featuring local varieties of grapes in its offerings. Spadafora is one of the newest stars of the Sicilian wine world. Owned and run by Prince Francesco Spadafora who gave up the fast life in Palermo for life on the farm, the Spadafora winery is "up in the clouds," It is located in the Monreale district of Sicily, just 60 km from Palermo. Today this property is overseen by Francesco Spadafora, son of original founder Don Pietro, Prince of Spadafora. Francesco has carefully analyzed the microclimate and soil types of his vineyards and has planted both indigenous and international varietals that are well suited to producing high quality wine in this area. Sicilian wines, particularly those made from Nero d’Avola, have become very fashionable lately because they offer great quality for the money. Spadafora’s alhambra rosso, made 100% of Nero d”Avola is a fascinating wine. It is produced in concrete vats and only spends a small time in large barrels to smooth out the edges. It has been included into the Spadafora alhambra range, and therefore the commitment to processing these grapes and producing this wine is even greater than that for the other wines, which perhaps cost more. The reason is simply that this is the red wine which will be enjoyed by the most people.

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