Julie Gonet-Médeville, Bordeaux


Julie Gonet-Médeville

Sweet Treasures

The family history of Julie Médeville—who owns Domaine des Justices along with her husband Xavier Gonet—is one of Bordeaux’s longest and most impressive. It dates back to the 16th century in Bordeaux’s Sauternes district, where her family owns the esteemed Château Gilette. Over centuries, the family increased its holdings, acquiring other Bordeaux estates, including Domaine des Justices. While her two sisters opted out of the family business, Julie took to it enthusiastically and earned degrees in law, economics, and management to prepare herself to run the family empire.

Not only did she run it, she expanded it when she married Xavier, whose family owns a prestigious winery in Champagne. Today, the bubbly and Bordeaux both fall under the Gonet-Médeville umbrella, as Julie splits time between both regions.