Charles Smith, Washington State


Charles Smith

It's Just Wine - Drink It!

Themed as ‘the Modernist Project’, Charles Smith Wines focuses on the way people generally consume wine today, which is immediately. His wines are typically simple, or a wine that would be much better a few years down the road. They are about putting as much into the bottle as possible, with the intent to create wines to be enjoyed now, with a typical characteristic of the varietal and the vineyard. For example, Merlots that taste like Merlot and wines that taste like where it was grown. The wines are full of flavor, balance, and are true expressions of its terroir. The grapes are sourced from some of Washington State’s finest vineyards, flavor, balanced, and true to place of origin. For Charles Smith Wines the fruit is sourced from some of Washington State’s finest vineyards. Greatest attention is paid to those growers that practice sustainable farming methods. Owner-winemaker Charles Smith with his big hair, kick ass attitude and bold packaging has earned the moniker “rock star” of Washington State Syrah. Charles Smith arrived in the Walla Walla Valley following 11 years in Scandinavia managing rock bands. Originally from northern California, he has been involved with wine personally and professionally his entire life. In 2009 Food & Wine Magazine recognized Charles as “Winemaker of the Year.”