Bouvet Ladubay, Loire


Bouvet Ladubay

Bouvet Ladubay


Founded by Etienne Bouvet in 1851, Bouvet Ladubay is the second oldest bubble house in Saumur. In 1890, it became the largest French producer of wines elaborated with the traditional method.

For Bouvet Ladubay, wine is an art that must be practiced wisely, combining tradition, experience and technology, to create fine wines of quality.

Since the early 1980s, Bouvet has tied the promotion of his image to sports and the arts. The development of public relations as a pillar of its activities led to the creation of the Contemporary Art Center. The Petit Theatre, built by Etienne Bouvet at the end of the last century and renovated in 1992, offers a setting in which the Center d'Art staged its own program of concerts, conferences, film screenings and fashion shows .

In 2008, Patrice Monmousseau built "Bouvet Ladubay Full Metal", a new production unit of 14,000 m2 composed of 1000 tons of metal. It takes advantage of all the innovations and technological advances, thus ensuring to Bouvet Ladubay the quality and the reputation of his House.

With his daughter Juliette Monmousseau, general manager of the house, Patrice Monmousseau founded the investment holding company Ogmius Capital, in which West Growth Investment Company, CM CIC Investissement and Unigrains participated. In 2015, with the collaboration of these new partners, the Monmousseau family bought 100% of the shares of Bouvet Ladubay and thus regained its independence.