Bodegas O. Fournier, Mendoza


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Jose Manuel O. Fournier

The Icon of Tomorrow

Bodegas O. Fournier was founded in 2000 by Jose Manuel Fournier, a spaniard who’s fascinated with Tempranillo and Mendoza’s old vines from the south. The winery is nestled in the extensive Uco Valley, regarded as one of the top wine regions in Argentina. Built on altitude as high as  1,400 meters above sea level and embraced by the view of the tremendous Andes Mountains, O. Fournier produces some of South America’s greatest reds with Jose Spisso as Chief winemaker who combines Tempranillo with high altitude Malbec, which the Uco Valley doesn’t do less than any other places.

The focus is on vine and grape management through the implementation of a balanced use of fertilisers and treatments, manual harvests and working with international suppliers during the winemaking process. Their wines are known to have unique characters, unlike other fruity mass-produced wine from other Latin America wineries. O. Fournier’s mission was not only to become one of Argentina’s top wineries, but also to develop the locals by cooperating with local producers by analysing, examining, and giving expert recommendations to improve better and greener vineyards.

O. Fournier’s wines have done very well, gathering compliments from wine writer Neal Martin, who stated in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate in October 2012, after his visit to the winery that “I have set foot in countless wineries over the last decade and to be honest, yes, once you have seen one stainless steel vat, they all begin to look the same. However, there are wineries of such dazzling design that they remain indelible on the memory. There is no question that Jose Manuel Ortega’s state-of-the-art, architectural wonder that gazes dreamily at the Andes from the foot of the Uco Valley is a wonder to behold. Still, it would be pointless (literally) if it was a matter of design over functionality, and as I toured its anatomy, it was clear that it was built to prioritize quality over aesthetic charm. And with such expense, one could easily conclude that its wines would be exclusive, cult labels aimed towards millionaires. Instead, Bodegas y Vinedos O. Fournier delivers exceptional quality at prices attuned to the economic environment we live in today”. In addition, Bodegas O. Fournier had been recognized by Decanter magazine in September 2007 as the “icon of tomorrow”.