Arachon, Mittelburgenland

The 3 famous Austrian winemakers Franz Xaver Pichler, Manfred Tement and Timor Szemes have cooperated to create the Arachon "evolution" TFXT

. . . was one of the headlines, which attracted great attention amongst the wine community in the spring of 1998, and not only in Austria. In the Viennese gourmet temple of " Steirereck", experts were introduced to a new wine. Three wine growers, all different in character and from different backgrounds, had come together to form a red wine joint-venture: Franz Xaver Pichler from Wachau, the Südsteirer Manfred Tement and Tibor Szemes from Mittelburgenland. Part of the cryptic wine name " TFXT Arachon" comes from their initials. The other part, Arachon, is the medieval, Celtic name given to the highland region of Horitschon. There, in a well-established 25-hectare vineyard, 25 wine growers, who are all members of the "United Wine-Growers of Blue Franconia", have joined forces to grow grapes of a special quality. Franz Xaver Pichler supervises the work in the vineyard, which includes planting, pest management, trimming and crop reduction in order to ensure high quality. The Cuvée consists of 50% Blue Franconian (Lemberger), 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Zweigelt. The remaining 10% is Merlot. The wine cellar is run by the oenologist Josef Pusch in accordance with the wishes of the three wine growers. The wine matures in French barrels for 15 months. After only a few years, the red wine star from the highlands has earned a regular place among the top international wines and can always be found on the menu in top Austrian restaurants and now also in Thailand.

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