Apostelhoeve, Limburg



Going Dutch

The historic farm of “Apostelhoeve” is located in the South of Maastricht near the Belgian border on the only mountain on Dutch lands, the St. Pietersberg. Apostelhoeve’s land had been covered with grapevines since the era of the Romans. Various varietals such as Riesling, Auxerrois, and Müller-Thurgau do quite well on the sun-drenched slopes of Jeker Valley. Since 1967, the Hulst family had been producing excellent wines, which are popular all over The Netherlands. With the use of modern cellar equipment, the quality of the wines are rapidly increasing.

World famous British wine critic Jancis Robinson stated that Apostelhoeve wines are “the most surprising tasting ever”. She claimed that this is because “the traditional bands of temperate climate are shifting to the north in Europe, the southern part of the Netherlands for instance now has the same climate the Champagne region had only 10 years ago. This climate change is mainly responsible for the fact that the last few years have seen an increase in new vineyards (mainly located in the southern part of the Netherlands) planted with varieties that are most commonly associated with regions like the Champagne and Alsace in France”. After having tasted Dutch wines for the first time she mentioned that “it might be unfair to compare this small selection of presumably the best that Holland can do with the still wines of England and Wales, but I must say that if I compare what I tasted here in the Netherlands with my last tasting of English wine, the Dutch win!”